The Room: Old Sins App Bewertungen

Does not work with Xs Max

Do not purchase until an update has been done to fix the issue with compatibility. Purchased and downloaded to my Xs Max and cannot get started because the inventory is hidden by the notch.

Does not work on XS Max

Apple had this listed in its section of games that work well on iPhone XS. On the XS Max the inventory is unusable because of the notch. I guess they didn’t test it very well before recommending it.

Another 5 star game

Fireproof keeps turning out nothing but the best. Graphics and game play are great. To bad other developers don't have their talent to produce high quality and not boring games. In my opinion only game that comes close to them is Monument Vally 1 and 2.

A fantastic Addition

If you love puzzles, this game, like all of the games in the series, is fantastically crafted

Great game series

This series continues to amaze and delight me with its unique challenges and maze structure. Please keep making such wonderful games.

The Room series strikes again!

Well, let’s see. I’m forced to write a glowing report since we want Fireproof to keep supplying great products. Every bit as satisfying as the other three Room games. These guys seem to have the right formula. By the way, thanks for not including puzzles that might not be solvable by some: a sticking point in some other games. Very nice job. Worth the cost. Keep going!

Amazing imagination on part of designers

The machines all work. I don’t mean just in the game. I mean if you built these in real life they would work. I really enjoyed this game but it ended waaay too quickly. Even with several distractions I was done in half a day and was left yearning for a lot more. I have to admit that I used 3 or 4 of the clues though. The dragons were super cool and my favorite bit was the elctro-magnet in the kitchen. Super intricate and highly imaginative. I wish I could submit some ideas I had as I went through. It’s just difficult enough to give you a sense of accomplishment and easy enough to keep you from getting too frustrated. I’m sure it took them months or maybe even years to develop all this but I could have spent 10x more time without getting tired. Thank you for creating a quality game that didn’t crash even once.

The Best Room Ever

Imaginative, mysterious and full of wonderful discoveries.

Great! Was extremely fun to play

As always this developer makes great games with gray visual stimulation! I am on all of their room games. The puzzles were not as difficult as expected. In previous room games the puzzles have been a lot more difficult to solve although this one does take you through a chase through a house and you do have to solve multiple puzzles. Normally I get stuck for a longer period of time there were more hints visually in the game then there normally are. But I’m really getting out is the hints were a lot more obvious and you didn’t have to use the spyglass as much to find the clues. If I was to read the difficulty level one through five I would say this one is a three. Thank you Fireproof! I would love to test your puzzles. Maybe help make them more difficult in the future.

Get em all

Been playing since the original. The only game I actively check to see if a new installment has come out. Never disappoints. Download them all! You can always go back and replay old versions. Awesome game.

Not compatible with iPhone XS

This app is not compatible with iPhone XS now.

Excellent continuation of the series

The Room series just keeps getting better. I needed to travel between rooms to solve all the puzzles. Wafting around the Dollhouse was much more satisfying (read: quicker and more engaging) than heading up stairways or elevators (like in, say, Myst), or just bouncing to the next room as in the earlier entries. I found I rarely needed any hints, and they were usually too late, as in, “I already knew that!” The finale, moving the doll room-to-room to find Abigail, was like out of a horror flick. Even though, we really don’t know what happened when they met. It also made for another intriguing chapter in the mystery surrounding the Room and Null. The live-action ending was a surprise and tantalizing tease for the next chapter - yes, another Room, please!

Doesn’t work with 10XsMax

Notch hides the tools, screwdriver, etc... cant even get past the beginning.

Screen Ratio issues

I cannot get past the tutorial since the screen ratio is different for the new iPhone XS Max. I can’t grab any of the tools in my inventory.

Check your compatibility

Probably best to check your compatibility! For the iPhone XS Max, your inventory will always be off the screen. So you cannot even complete the walkthrough. Fairly useless purchase, will see if fixed before getting money back from Apple.


Wonderful game play and beautiful intricate artwork


Amazing graphics, amazing series. I did run into a bug in the Japanese gallery, and it was frustrating to have to go back a room, but overall, the work they've put into the game really shows and is worth it. Keep it up

So much fun

So much fun and beautiful graphics!

Awesome as always

Game was very fun look forward to the next one, I also would like to add an idea for the one you make. It would be cool to find as a last piece of the puzzle for the game a second download that can only be reach by finishing all the puzzles I find myself playing till the end and think wish it would start a different story, different game but have it only unlock if you do the whole game second story not available for download unless you do the first story in the new game. Once again Thank You for making a wonderful game great story look forward to the next one. You guys should take a bow( you deserve it!)

The best yet

Beautiful, engaging, satisfying. Rich, pseudo-historical imagery. The play is one long puzzle with phases. You will want to keep going at the end of each phase, but try to resist the urge so you can fully savor the game.


What a great story I hope they make a sequel to this

Great game

I have thoroughly enjoyed each one of the Room games. Old sins was no exception. I never cease to be amazed at the imagination and creativity used in these games. The graphics are so real, some things actually “feel” heavy as you lift the door or push something around. I’m already anxious for the next one in the series!

Definition of exquisite

These developers deserve heaps of praise and recognition for the scope, attention to detail, love of their craft, blend of art, science, history, anthropology, occult, and literature. What a conundrum to be helplessly pulled into an all-nighter, to reach the next puzzle and marvel at the imagination involved, only to experience that day-after-Christmas disappointment when it’s done. Just. Wow.

All in the series are worth a go

All of tue games produced so far just within this series alone are outstanding and throughout the series the graphics and designs and puzzles have been brilliant. Puzzles are complex but still are solvable. The designs are amazing, you would have to have so much creativity to be able to put all of the individual pieces together. All in series are amazing and i hope for more in the future.

Just amazing

This game is the best thing I’ve ever played, solid story plus the game mechanism just surprise you with details.

By far the best Room

I loved it, I have done all the preceding rooms before this one and this one is by far the best one yet, I love the puzzles and how you had to unlock things, please put out more like this!!

Worth much more.

By far the best iOS game I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Truly addicting and immersive. It’s not a horror game but certainly unnerving as you play through and discover more of the story. The ambiance, graphics, gameplay, puzzles, audio, and cut scenes are masterfully done. Thank you for all the love and craft y’all put into this game! It’s definitely worth more than I had to pay for it. 15/10 would play again.

Best puzzle game ever

Please make more like this!!!!

Amazing game!

I am a huge fan of The Room series (thanks to iHasCupquake) and I loved this edition so much, but I don’t think it’s quite up there with The Room Three. I wish there were Alternate endings, and I honestly didn’t like the dollhouse idea so much (some of the rooms were pretty empty like the Art Studio tbh) I think it would’ve been better if we were actually allowed to explore the actual mansion instead of the dollhouse. It also wasn’t as memorable as The Room Three But still, I don’t think this deserves to get any lower than 5 stars (more like 4.5 but you can’t do that)

Great game

Fantastic game. Very well done. Please make more! I can see this being a movie as well.

The best Room yet!

Great visuals and puzzles combined with a strong story line - this game will keep you entertained for hours. I could not put it down; it just takes you further and further into the rabbit hole. Well done!

Take my money

If I could wipe my memory so that I could play each of these games for the first time, I’d do it. Just take my money. It wasn’t stupid difficult nor stupid easy. I loved the creepy, yet not scary ambience. Transitions were smooth. Puzzles were fun. Visually stunning. I love exploring this world. Here’s hoping that Hollywood doesn’t make a horrific movie about it. Maybe I’ll start the series over and hope I’ve forgotten enough. :)


I love games that make you use your brain and “The Room” saga doesn’t disappoint. Well worth the money. Please keep them coming. I would also love to see games from Fireproof other than the room series. Anything else in the works?


I can even see the dust and leaves in the water! So detailed and realistic. Story is so great. Strongly recommended.


I absolutely love these games!! So thorough and enjoyable. It makes your really use your mind and work through the puzzles! Can’t wait for more!!

Awesome as usual

I’ll play I II and III until the next one comes along. Your games are the best. Best graphics, best sound, best puzzles. Thank you and please hurry the next one along.


The graphics are wonderful and the game is completely intriguing.......don’t hesitate to make the purchase.

Old Sins

These series are the best ever!!! By far the greatest escape game I’ve ever played! I have yet to find another like it (Highly doubt it). Keep ‘em coming! Visual effects, game play,twists and turns, 😱oh my gosh! Thank you! What an awesome experience!


Creepy, brainy, network independent way to spend your days. So good!! Worth more than the price! Shhh!! 🤫

I am Addicted

I love this game. I don’t think there is a comparable game for iPad. Every new edition of The Room that comes out, I cannot wait to download it and play it. When I finish them though I am bummed because I cannot wait for the next one to be out. Total addiction.

Good game but finished it in 5 hours

Title says it all

Goodness, it’s as good as the rest of them

How do they keep doing it? Every entry in this series is perfectly designed and stunningly beautiful, and The Room: Old Sins is no exception. Eagerly awaiting the next one. P.S.: I’d also like to make a shout out to the sound design of this game and all of The Room games, because it’s absolutely spectacular!

Best in the series

One of my favorite game series; this is the best one yet!

Another outstanding installment

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Room series and they are working on another installment. I find this game intriguing, suspenseful and addictively challenging. I have found few other games as equally intriguing. Keep up the story, where is poor Abigail?

Absolutely Fabulous - Yet Again

I’m not going to give you a nitpicking review about this or that. There’s no need! You guys have over delivered once again. Best game for iOS ever...and I said the same thing about the last 3 titles. Great job. Keep up the good work. Continue to expand on what new versions of iOS can allow you to do. You got me and countless others hooked!


I love all The Room games, but this installment was BY FAR my absolute favorite. Well done! Puzzlers will not be left wanting with this one.

Enjoyed it!

I purchased all the rooms created on the ISO. There was no way I wouldn’t get this one. If your reading this review, the game is exactly it’s what you’d expect it to be. Only one thing I was looking forward to. I thought I’d pick up from the last Room game. The ending of the previous edition had me open! Nonetheless it was a very good game. Gave me good hours of game play time. I only wish that that you guys add more video and audio cut sense of the characters and the history behind them. So that way it becomes more intimate for us players.

More Room games!!

Please make another Room game soon. The finest novels cannot compare!


What a beautiful intriguing game. Have done them all . I look forward to the next. Good work!


All I can say is that I have enjoyed all of the Room games-but this one was the best. They get better and better each time. Hard enough to keep me challenged but not so much that I want to give up. I stayed up way too late a few nights because I could not stop playing! I can’t wait for the next one!

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