The Room: Old Sins App Bewertungen

Loved it!

Challenging....but not so hard that it frustrated. I loved this adventure most of all. Please continue the series.

FireProof Games has outdone themselves!

The Room:Old Sins is the best story yet! I’ve played all three stories now and loved them so much I gifted my friends and family with them too! The puzzles and graphics dazzle and I wanted to actually be there! So many twists and the coolest, unexpected places you will go! Thx so much - can’t wait for the next one!

Fabulous except for attic

Another great adventure! Love the puzzles and the graphics. The attic was quite anti-climatic and dull, wish the developers saved the best for last! Still gave 5 stars, overall superb!

Immersive and fascinating

The best part about the room series is that it just doesn’t feel cartoony. It feels more like you’re exploring some cool movie in real time and participating in the outcome. These guys really take the time to make it gorgeous and immersive. To me this is one of the best values out there in terms of the price you pay for the game versus the return. I love that it’s just a game no additional purchase decisions have to be made, so you’re not distracted out of the mood of the game, you can just concentrate on the cool puzzles and examining the various room environments.

Fabulous game!!

I have loved loved loved Fireproof games since the first Room came out and played all the three previous ones before old sins. This one does not disappoint!! Just sad to see it end!! It keeps me soooo entertained for days!! Please continue to make them!! I will buy every one!!

Great Game

I have enjoyed each game in the series. Given the ending of the newest entry, I am really looking forward to the next edition. Thank you to the developers for their efforts in keeping the story/series going.

There’s Dragons!

And they make it all worthwhile! My favorite part of the game. So cool!

Always intriguing!

Another Room to enjoy! Keep up the fantastic work!

Great puzzle mystery game

5 stars

Well put together

The developer has done another great job of putting together this platform. I have played all 4 games now and I will say I wasn’t let down by old sins. Great job, looking forward to the next edition.

Good, though not my fave Room game

Enjoyable game, though pales in comparison to some of the other Room editions.

Love this game!

The people who made The Room series have done some amazing work again with Old Sins. The graphics are top-notch and the puzzles are challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game!

Surprising stumble!!!

I stumbled upon this (the first Room) game accidentally while trying to find another game (thank you autocorrect). This was the first puzzle based game I have played on iOS. Extremely impressed with the visual details!!! Just incredible for a small independent company! I enjoyed all 4 Room games. I felt as though I was able to get more into the story on the 4th installment. The difficulty is, I believe, spot on. I required a hint here and there, but it was usually due to a big oversight on my part and not due to lack of clues. I do hope the story will continue (haven’t actually looked to see if there are any more). As far as feedback...maybe a few more cut scenes here and there. Hope to see more from this company! Keep up the good work. Loved playing your games.


Excellent. Slightly less puzzling than The Room III but still extremely satisfying. Can’t wait for the next...and the story is fantastic!

Certain levels were anticlimactic

My main critiques are that the game was super short (I beat it in under 7 hours) and some of the levels were kind of anticlimactic in their rewards and some levels were a bit too easy. I can’t wait for the next one though! Keep them coming please Fireproof!!!😄

Old sins

Excellent adventure!

As always: Excellent...but...

As all The Room games have been, this one too is visually stunning, intuitive, and creative. The story line flows very well and adds, I feel, better drama than the previous three games. This game is worth the purchase and I recommend it. That being said: I do feel like this game was the easiest of the series - by a lot. The puzzles were far more simple and the game design more step-by-step rather than explore-and-discover. However, this game is still excellent and I recommend it highly. I hope that by writing this review though, it challenges Fireproof Games to really “bring-it” on the next installment. We can take it!


I have played all The Rooms. It’s like reading a favorite book series. When you finish one you feel somethings missing till the next comes out. Then you begin again and it’s like your back home. Well done.

You are never too old!

I’m 73 and just finished this amazingly challenging game! I loved all the intricate fascinating visuals and was so entertained! I’m looking forward to a sequel..

Another hit in the series

Amazing play game as to be expected from the room series.

Really fun game and a great addition to the whole series

Graphics are superb and the story is quite intriguing. All around fun!

Great Game!

Another phenomenal game from Fireproof! Keep up the great work. These are the best games playable on iOS.

Great game

Could not stop playing.


Worth more than it’s costs. I loved playing every second of it. I couldn’t set the phone down to stop playing through the puzzles and when I had to, I couldn’t wait to play again. Wonderful addition to the series.


All of The Room entries are amazing. Best puzzle games on the AppStore and possibly the best overall games on the AppStore ever. Beautiful design, challenging and intriguing puzzles, amazing storyline, and good sound effects. Everything about this series screams borderline perfection.

The Greatest

I’m a hard gamer and very hard to please, i appreciate amazing work and this is certainly on of the best games i have played so on all through ios games Great job guys, keep it up.

Truly amazing!

I’ve enjoyed all of the games and wait eagerly for the next!

I love this game, it’s epic!

Amazing. Make more!

Fantastic Sequel or “pre”quel

I have played each game in “The Room” series. Each one is its own amazing, intricate, visually dazzling, narrative-adventure-puzzler. I feel that the developers have taken, and used, the feedback they have gotten from previous episodes. “Old Sins” supplied the most timely and indicative hints (if you’re so inclined) and seemed more intuitive. I feel that, as a player, I have grown with the game so, this episode felt a little too easy at times. That being said, I would recommend it highly to anyone who hasn’t played as a great starting point for the series... and then tell them to play the rest. Love the game, love the series, keep making more PLEASE!

Another great Fireproof room

This is like one of those panels of spinny, slidy toys for toddlers, except it's for adults. The steam punk noir horror themed story weaves through serpentine puzzles will keep you tapping and sliding your finger for hours. Very engaging, and visually amazing. Less than a buck an hour to dive into a vivid world of dark magic, alchemy, hubris, regret and weirdness. Enjoy. I did.

Another win!

Love these Room puzzles. The depth of each room and the complexity of the puzzles within are amazing. I can, and do, play for hours. They keep me up at night - just one more ... lol. Please, keep them coming!


Just finished and it is a beautiful game..hypnotic and challenging..gorgeous just too watch the story evolve and discover .. loved the first 3 Room series and delighted with this one..awesome! Have to admit it I had to use the hints several times but more fun when I solved the puzzles without...good time! Thank you for a delightful, beautiful game..

Keep up the great work!

Can’t wait for the next one


I have done the four installments of The Room. They just keep getting better. I would recommend starting from One, and do them all! Superb job Fireproof! Most definitely worth the few bucks they cost. Anxiously awaiting the next...

Well thought out, unique, and great graphics

This game was challenging in certain ways but not so difficult you get sick of it. Nicely developed and even a story line (which in these “mystery” apps) is often left out or very cliché. Not only unique, but clearly a game that was thought out and executed beautifully…even down to the “sound effects”, and color scheme. I would highly recommend this app to anyone 13/14 years or older. I’m 38 and I was very engaged, and intrigued as the game progressed. Well Done!! Best game I’ve played in this genre in the last couple of years!


I honestly can’t remember how I discovered the first The Room game my freshman year of high school. But it was awesome! I remember when they came out with the second one how pumped I was, and I just finished this one today and they just get better and better! I love this series, 1000000/10 recommend! Please keep making them!!!!

Waiting to catch Abigail

This was the best “Room” to date. Looking forward to a continuation to find the one who could escape the “Null”.

Super fun game! I hope to see another’s like it soon!

I have played all 4 of The Room games and I have really enjoyed them! The absolute best games I have found on my iPad. I had no glitches or issues while playing on any of them. I just found these a couple weeks ago so maybe by the time I downloaded them, the issues others were having must of already been resolved. I really hope they continue the series or at least make another series of games with similar gameplay.


Of course, like many I would imagine, I would love to keep going. These games have just right amount of challenging obstacles, which keep me engaged. I like getting a little frustrated with the puzzles, that is what makes them good and not boring. You have to pay attention. Love it. I will wait for the next one.

Could be better for the price

Great game. But not for $5



Good but not the room

This is an ok escape the room game, but it doesn’t have that “the room” ambience. There’s no multiple endings, nor does it really have that creepy factor. Good, but this is not the room

Best yet of a great series

Wow. Just fantastic. Perfectly clever and satisfying puzzles, always with solid solutions. Very interesting and unique mechanics that made me “ooooh and aah” out loud while playing. Beautiful aesthetics, too. I can’t recommend this game highly enough to anyone who loves puzzles and mystery.

The best game

This is the first time I actually write a review for any app on App Store. This is absolutely fantastic game. I’m so glad I ran into it. I’ll download all of the prequels to check them out as well. This game really made me think hard when solving puzzles. Brilliant!

Just hate to wait for the next one

Loved this episode like all the others

Best The Room game yet!

I have played all the games in the Room series. This one is the best game yet! It was engaging without being frustrating. I will delete a game if it frustrates me. I can’t wait for the next one!

Another great game

I enjoyed playing this latest "Room" game. It seemed a bit easier than the previous games but it's still a good buy. Happy gaming

Excellent game as always. Enjoyed myself immensely.

Nice. I really like this game. Please make more.

Great Game

Love the series!


As always, Fireproof games comes through. I’ve played all of The Room games and they are all amazing. I normally wouldn’t spend any money on any app or game but the attention to detail, graphics, sounds, gameplay, all worth the couple of bucks. I would definitely recommend this one and all other “The Room” games.

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