The Room: Old Sins App Reviews

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The GOLD standard

The BEST of all of the best.

A bit of a let down

Beautiful but much easier than the previous ones. I was really disappointed by that.

Should be Six Stars, or Seven

Amazing, addictive, challenging, need to get this experience.


this is the fourth installment of the room games i have them all and love them all if you like a moderate challenge then these are the games to have

Just like the Escape Room but

Portable and even better

Another masterpiece

The Room: Old Sins is another pleasantly twisted, artfully suspenseful, and darkly beautiful game by Fireproof. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossibly so. If I had to “thumbs-down” anything, it would have been the length of the game. I’m sure this is the most common complaint, for the lack of any others, but it was another finely executed stroke by its creators. I played the game the first time through in just under six hours because I was enjoying the visuals and animation, with the steampunk gearwork mechanics of the puzzles and the well-done viewpoints of the characters. My second play through was just under two hours, but I found myself enjoying the puzzles the second time just because, in a “bigger-on-the-inside” sort of way, they made sense and the entire game fit together better than the classic jigsaw. This is a must-have for those that enjoyed the first three installments of The Room, and is destined to be one of the greats. Though, in my heart of hearts, I hope that there will be more of this game in coming updates, or at least another installment soon. We’re on the edge of our seats, Fireproof. Don’t let us down!


The best of all rooms!

Doll House

Interesting game. I loved the graphics. I did get stuck or frustrated sometimes and would go away, but would always come back. Thank You!


Hands down Fireproof has delivered another awesome game. I think this was most challenging to date. I cannot wait until the next one comes out.


Always enjoyed these games. Graphics are superb and the puzzles are challenging.

One my favorite mobile games

I love the Room’s puzzle style gameplay. It would be nice to see more games like this that are at the same level, not that I want the Room knocked off its pedestal. If you love puzzles it's definitely worth a play. Creeptastic!

Oh my goodness so very good

Loved this one. Best Room yet. Superb way to blow 7 hours.

Super fun

Great game

Played them all. All worth their price.

I have just completed the fourth installment of The Room series, completing the other three some years ago, and have been amazed, time and time again, of the detail, and intricacy of all of them, especially the latest two. The storyline is compelling, and the story mysterious, and I recommend ALL of the games to ANY person who thoroughly enjoys in-depth puzzles. I wish and pray to see more from this series, and you can believe I will purchase it if that happens.

Simply the best

A lot of talent and work goes into the room games. Great art work and great puzzles. Simply the best.

Awesome game

Awesome game. Very enjoyable

Old Sins reviewed

This is a game which can be enjoyed by many ages, though it sometimes caused this old-gamer to put it down until his mind could find a fresh approach to the solution. The hints came as needed and kept it sufficiently easy for even novice gamers who are motivated. The story line seemed contrived and unnecessary. There is a need to either change the story to interact and have relevance to the puzzle or simply drop it and enjoy the simple possibilities of the game. Despite any possible criticisms I loved the experience of the game series, except the more confusing part where the same element seemed to repeat itself with a slight variations and became a puzzle within a puzzle. This was more annoying and gave less satisfaction. Perhaps using some geometry, or physics as “real educational” ideas which could be employed as part of the solutions could make the room series even more educationally valuable.

Loved it.

My favorite one so far. Couple small glitches. Nothing serious. Love love love The Room series!

Another great game

This is another great game. The series is a must for any that enjoy puzzles. This latest installment does not disappoint

Room addiction 🙂

The best game ever, best graphics, best details, best mechanical design and a lot of bests’. Keep forward, make more sophisticated games and I will pay for it in all cases 😅

The best puzzle game in the App Store

Please never stop making these games, I could play them forever!

Need more!!

I absolutely loved it! I’ve been following along since the very first The Room and this one goes along with the story line perfectly! It’s eerie as usual, yet it still makes sense. I loved every single one of these games because they make you think and just when you think you know it all - boom! - I got stuck for about a half an hour because of something so small I overlooked. Side note.. If you’re overlooking these games just because of having to pay, think twice. It’s always one flat rate followed by hours upon hours of true room escape puzzles. 100% worth it. Good luck and have fun!

Love This Series!!!!!

I just love, love, love this series! Easily one of my favorite puzzle games of all time! Can’t wait for more!!!

A great series

Each one as good as the last. I’ve played all of them and every Room game is an instant buy for me.

The game is a great challenge

Old sins took me almost 9 hours to complete and I loved it, every single frustrating second of it. If you like a great challenge then u gotta try this.

Fantastic series

The latest entry into this series doesn’t diss point at all. Can’t wait for the next one!


That’s what it was good at, the game entertained me and that’s a plus considering other IPad games. It wasn’t too short either and the price was affordable. I also must say the graphics were top notch which was refreshing as other games were cartoonish! Thank you keep them coming!

More, PLEASE...

Completely immersive game play. Can’t wait for the next installment. Totally addictive.

Love it

I bought all of them, and I would like to keep going playing this kind of game, great adventure

Fireproof Games = AMAZING

All the Room games are outstanding and Old Sins is the best yet.

Despite the five, I do have some constructive criticism

I give the Room: Old Sins five stars, despite the fact that I believe it is one of the weakest out of the Room games, because it is still undoubtedly one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played and one of the best games on the Apple store. I’ve played each of these games more times then I can count, and have memorized every puzzle and every solution. Despite that, I still come back for more due to the overall atmosphere and delight you feel when solving the rooms. But here comes my criticisms— I do believe this is the weakest game of the four. I have one major complaint— the camera continues to be frustrating. I absolutely, positively hate how it wrests control from the player constantly. Part of the reason these games are so wonderful is that they are able to somehow mimic real-life tactile feedback with great audio and the ability to almost perfectly control everything down to a screwdriver and (in three) bellows. In this game, the camera and the game constantly takes that away. The box will open for you. You can’t grab the item for an arbitrary amount of seconds because the camera wants to woosh around first. This became increasingly frustrating the more I played. I could go on about this. I had originally thought that three frustrated me the most camera wise because of where you were arbitrarily placed upon entering a room, but this game was actually worse in that regard despite placement being better. I don’t know if the camera was made this way to show off the gorgeous graphics or to make spotting clues easier. Either way, it shouldn’t have been implemented like this. My other complaints are more personal. I felt like the atmosphere of this game was not as good as the others— in the others you felt lost within great cavernous space. You were the rat in the maze. It made everything spookier and more intense. It was probably purposeful, but I felt like having a small house that the player consistently manipulated destroyed that sort of over-arching atmosphere. Instead of being the rat in the maze, we were the researcher. It’s interesting but not as fun. Another complaint is that it was far easier than the others. The major reason being that the eyepiece highlighted every single object that was important. This made it so that you wouldn’t miss any clue. Any. Maybe they did this to make the game more accessible, but I found it less thrilling when I solved something. Another reason was that the puzzles were far simpler— like spin this wheel. And this wheel. It was more tactile-based, despite the fact that the game mechanics make that not as satisfying as I explained above. Despite these criticisms, I want to end on a positive note. The story was wonderful. I thought that it was the strongest part of the game. It’s always nice to have puzzle games with compelling stories. That’s what puts this series and Portal as some of my favorite games ever. I can’t wait until the next installment.

Intriguing and fun

I have played all 4. I must say this one had the best plot of them all but was also the easiest of them all. I was entertained and absorbed! Great graphics, no bugs, great price and 8 hrs of game time. Thank you!

Excellent Game!!!!!

Each and every game in The Room series is fascinating, intriguing and captivating. One puzzle leads to another connecting one room to another. Each game in The a Room series has not disappointed. Old Sins is excellent. I am already anticipating the next game in the series.

Great Great Great

I can’t improve over all the 5* you have received. Well maybe 1 more! Please hurry up and send us more excellence in the Escape Game. You are Number 1 in our App search. You are a genius! Thanks for the super Challenging Entertainment. We NEED MORE!

If you haven’t discovered the Room series you’re missing out!

This latest installment of the Room series is every bit as fantastic as the others! Stunning graphics and puzzles that are just hard enough to keep you going for days. Well worth the five dollars. Highly recommend!

Another outstanding installment to the series!

I've absolutely enjoyed each installment of The Room, and this one is no exception! Top-notch graphics, sfx and puzzles. Can't wait for the next one!

Old Sins was my favorite of all The Room series

This game in the series was challenging but not frustrating! It was much longer than the previous Rooms and I was able to stretch it out over a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for the next one!

Great addition to the series

Great storyline with this one. Most I’ve been invested in a mobile game in a while. Game seemed simpler than Room3 but still 6+ hours of gameplay!!

Best Room Yet

I was really pleased with this latest installation of the game. It’s worth every penny, and at 5 hours of play time, a buck an hour isn’t bad (I’m slow, though—I’m sure others could complete it faster). It was challenging, but not terribly frustrating like these sorts of games can get. I only used the provided hints a small handful of times, but I was glad they were there. I suppose my only real criticism is— if you get stuck, there aren’t any options as far as hints go. Maybe just a little bit quicker on releasing a hint would be helpful. And as detailed and beautiful as it was, I would have been even happier if it was a little longer. I didn’t feel the same relief at completing the game as I have before. I wanted to keep going. But I suppose that’s a sign of a great game! Another fantastic job by the Fireproof peeps!


The Room series of games has been truly a wonderful experience. Amazing graphics, plot lines, and a good challenge. My only complaint is that there’s not more to play. I cannot put these games down. Thank you so much for making such a killer game!

Sad to see it end...A+ lots of FUN

Thanks Fireproof! A total enjoyment. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new techs. Keep On.

Well worth it

I've been a fan of these games for years now and this game is especially good. It's challenging and large and fascinating. Well worth buying and playing several times over.

More More 👉🏼👈🏼

Fireproof games should totally go onto Nintendo Switch. Never cease to amaze. Left me speechless as always. تعليقي سيكون تقصيراً بحق هذه اللعبة. سأكتفي بكلمة شكراً جزيلاً لعملكم الجبار.

Another mesmerizing installment

If you are a fan of The Room universe, this installment won’t disappoint. Caution, a very addictive game.

Another Hit

I have played every installment of “The Room” to date, this one was just as amazing. Like binge watching your favorite season and having to wait for the next one to come out is how I play and look forward to playing these fun games. I will not spoil the ending, but there is a great story arc that can be made from this. I look forward to the next installment!

Love Fireproof games!

This one is a true winner and worth every penny!

Excellent series.

This is a fantastic series. I look forward to many sequels. Developers continue to make each one better and more challenging.


These are the best puzzle games ever.

Excellent installment.

Worth the cost. Beautiful graphics. Challenging but satisfying.



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